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The ambitious venture of India's fastest growing entrepreneur Sachiin Joshi, Viiking Ventures is one of India's largest and fastest growing companies across expanding business segments like Beverages, FMCG, Hospitality, Wellness, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Paper Products, Sports and Entertainment. Viiking Ventures is all set to deliver an international experience to India's youth and young adults in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage space, with challenger brands like XXX Vodka Mix and XXX Energy Drink. Viiking Ventures owns and successfully operates a chain of premium Wellness Gyms called Viiking Trance, and delivers an exceptionally relaxing experience through Pink Room Salon & Day Spa, a state-of-the-art rejuvenating centre for enjoying body and beauty treatments in a soothing ambience. The Planet Hollywood Beach Resort in Goa is our flagship property in the premium hospitality segment, and The Beatle Hotel in Powai is one of Mumbai's leading boutique hotels. Viiking Ventures is the proud owner of Telugu Warriors team in the popular Celebrity Cricket League sports tournament.

Sachiin Joshi leads a dedicated team of expert professionals who are committed to taking Viiking Ventures on a supersonic growth trajectory. His unparalleled vision for dominating and succeeding in diverse business segments is what drives the phenomenal success of JMJ Group, the holding company of Viiking Ventures. Sachiin Joshi solemnly believes in giving back to society, and his multiple CSR and philanthropic activities under the NGO Big Brother, are a testimony to his mission of spreading joy in the lives of the lesser privileged. Sachiin Joshi's life mantras are "Follow your heart" and "100% dedication". He was awarded with the "Man of the League" title in the recently concluded Celebrity Cricket League tournament.



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XXX Energy Drink

Xperience Xtreme Xcitement every single day of your life!

Viiking Ventures presents XXX Energy Drink - an Xtreme drink for Xtreme people who live life on the Xtreme edge. Take your passion to a new high and live like a rock star. Just one sip will make you feel the adrenalin rush and fill your body with instant energy. Transform yourself into a livelier personality with the awesome effect of XXX Energy Drink. That's how the XXX effect works instantly on your body. Within minutes you are rejuvenated and ready to take life head on. Now you can extend your working and partying hours!
Infused with an appealing sweet and tangy taste, XXX Energy Drink will get you hooked on its reverberating experience forever. Immerse yourself in a throbbing session of pure energy and experience a night of hardcore fun, like none other. XXX Energy Drink is charged with the best of ingredients carefully selected to deliver a pulsating experience, every time this energy charges flow into your senses

Endorsed by none other than "King" Shah Rukh Khan, XXX Energy Drink is now endorsed by Sunny Leone, the vivacious heartthrob of millions around the world.

XXX Vodka Mix


Xperience Xtreme Xcitement every single day of your life!

Get set for the time of your life! Shift your life to 7th gear and surround yourself with awesome moments! Treat yourself with the truly International flavours mixed with Vodka imported from Poland, the house of the best Vodka in world, specially bottled in India, for giving you the same international flavour right here in India. One swig and you are ready to hit the floor in your unique style. Take your socializing to a captivating dimension with XXX Vodka Mix, brought to you in three exciting flavours - Cranberry, Lemon and Rejuve.

Cranberry - Flavoured with a delicious twist of cranberry, this stimulating vodka mix comes in luscious red colour to ignite the evening. Let its sweet taste sensuously tickle your palate and fill your senses with serene delight. You'll surely agree that cranberry never tasted this better!

Lemon - Seductively infused with the all time favourite taste of Lemon, this exotic vodka mix will enchant your tongue with a tangy taste. The night out with friends takes off on a twisted note when this party animal is unleashed. Let your senses dance to the tune of this peppy fruit!

Rejuve - When you want to rejuvenate in style, enjoy the stimulating taste of XXX Energy Drink when you take a swig of this exhilarating vodka mix. Twist the evening around and make it a party to remember as this scene stealer lights up the night. Let this be the night of rejuvenation for you and your friends!